A special quilt for a special little lady

Morning all!

A few weeks ago I posted some sneaky peek shots of a memory quilt I was working on for this beautiful baby girl called Iris.

Photo courtest of Ruby Roux Photography

(Photo courtesy of http://www.ruby-roux.com)

Whilst it definitely pulled at the old heart-strings having to cut up her gorgeous garments, I knew that they were going to have a new life in the form of a beautiful quilt that Iris (and her family) could use and see every day. So scissors/sizzix in hand, I chopped and chopped  until I had enough special pieces to make this…

Iris Memory QuiltIf you look closely, you’ll see the baby grow she is wearing in the photo above (!)

I wanted to keep some of the original details in, so I did some fussy cutting around the pockets and some of the frills and tags, so that the quilt had some texture and depth to it, and Iris provided the most gorgeous little mice to live in the pockets!

Iris mice pic 1This has been one of my all time favorite quilts, and it’s been a joy to make! Thanks Kate for this wonderful opportunity, I hope Iris has many sleep-filled nights under it.


Sewing Summit 2013

So finally I got around to blogging about my recent trip to this year’s Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City.  After last year’s event, I was more than a little excited to be able to attend this year, and even more excited when I found out my lovely friend Fi was getting married the weekend before in Texas, and that I was invited!! She truly was the most beautiful bride, and I was honored to be a part of her and Ryan’s special day.

Fi and Ryan's Wedding IMG_1716After their gorgeous wedding at The Red Corral Ranch, I had two spare days in San Antonio, before heading off to Salt Lake City for The Sewing Summit.  I spent my time enjoying the beautiful sights, trying out some of their amazing Riverwalk restaurants, learning a bit about San Antonio’s rich and vibrant Mexican History, checking out La Villita, the Market , The Alamo and just generally enjoying spending some quality time alone.  With three boisterous children and a very noisy household, it was a joy to have a few days where I literally didn’t have to talk to anybody!

IMG_1805 IMG_1798 IMG_1794 IMG_1071 IMG_1066 IMG_1781 IMG_1779 IMG_1780 IMG_1070 IMG_1766 San AntonioI stayed at the Riverwalk Vista which is a beautifully restored old building, literally across the street from the Riverwalk.  The rooms are gorgeous, the breakfast was fantastic, the Innkeepers were really friendly and helpful, and apart from a little noise on the first night, it as a really really lovely stay!

The Riverwalk VistaAfter San Antonio and two flights later, I found myself back in Salt Lake City for this year’s Sewing Summit, and it was really a lovely familiar feeling making my way to the hotel.

American AirlinesThis year I decided to be brave and share a room with two gorgeous ladies Jessie and Tracey who I had met last year, and it totally made my stay! They are the best roomies money can buy, they are both hugely talented sewists, and my belly is still aching from all the laughing we did!

Sewing Summit 2013I attended some fantastic sessions this year and met some really talented and inspirational women, and came away rested, inspired and yearning to do better, but if I’m completely honest, I was a little disappointed compared to how I felt after last year’s event.

The concept of Sewing Summit is a fantastic one – getting all those amazingly creative minds in one place is no mean feat, and getting to meet icons like Pat Bravo and Heather Bailey (to name but a few) are definitely worth traveling nearly 5,000 miles for!  Bernina graciously provided the most wonderful and wizzy machines (along with the most helpful and patient technicians) which were a  dream sew on, but I can’t help feeling that this year’s event was lacking some of the organizational elements that were in place last year.

There was no enthusiasm, no warm welcomes, little interaction with the attendees from the organizers, and the communication seemed to be a lot more disjointed than in 2012.  I know I certainly missed all the fantastic swag we got last year!  Having such a long background in Corporate Hospitality and Event Management probably makes me the hardest person to please at conferences, but I know after speaking with some of the other attendees that I was not alone in my disappointment. I’m still pleased that I went, mostly because of my fantastic roomies, and I am grateful for all the new friends I have made, but sadly I feel this will be my last time at Sewing Summit.

August and everything after… (not only a great album, but summarizes where I am right now!)

Hello readers… you will notice by my lack of posting that the summer holidays are going really well, and we’ve had an amazing amount of sunshine this year!! We have even managed to fit in a sneaky family holiday to Italy, and are finding it tough to get back into a routine since returning.

Quilty pleasures in Italy Quilty pleasures Jacob in Italy Quilty pleasures in Italy 2

I have been working on a number of projects over the past few weeks, mostly quilts like this one… Quilty pleasures Noah Cot Bed quilta little teaching… and after reading this gorgeous patchwork skirt tutorial from the very talented Melissa over at The Polkadot Chair, I knew I just had to try a scrappier version of it! I adapted it here and there because my daughter is slightly younger … but overall I’m pleased with the results (and so is my little cherub!)

Quilty Pleasures Amelia patchwork skirtSpeaking of Melissa – I am super excited that she will also be teaching at this year’s Sewing Summit, and I am even more excited that I will be attending it again this year. It was such an incredible experience last year, I learned so much, and have been able to put much of what I learned there into practice since.  The schedule this year is very impressive, and the next couple of weeks can’t go fast enough for me!

Well thats enough from me for now… the next time you hear from me will be after I return from beautiful Utah!



Finally I am able to share with you the very exciting news I have been bleating on about for the last few months!

create logo

Me and three of my amazingly talented friends have pooled together our knowledge, resources, time and talent to bring you “create“. We will be running local weekly workshops in the arts of Quilting, Cake Decorating, Photography and Aromatherapy.

create beach shot

Our small, intimate workshops will allow you to learn a new skill, or re-ignite an old one, in a fun and relaxed environment.  These sessions will be held at Green Cuisine, where you will find, quite simply, the best coffee and cake available in Worthing.

Please come and join our facebook page so you can keep up to date on workshop dates, new events and exciting giveaways!

Happy Friday,


Getting chilly for photos

Well Happy Monday to all of you!

Well, I say “happy” Monday, but this weekend has been anything but happy.  We had a rather large portion of the family stomach bug, and hopefully on the last bout of it now with son #1.

Last weekend however was a whole other story!

I finished this lovely quilt and it’s currently winging it’s way over to Monaco!

Me and three of my amazingly gorgeous and talented friends went off to a local beach in sub zero temperatures (okay maybe it was a bit above zero but who is counting!)  and missed the massive snowfall but just a couple of days.  We are collaboratively working on something VERY exciting at the moment, and we hope to making an official announcement within the next two weeks.

We were joined by the equally talented Emmy Lou who was kind enough to donate her time on Mother’s Day to take our pictures in the freezing cold, all in the name of art.  Here are just a few of the gorgeous shots she took… much more to follow.

Keep warm and keep reading for more exciting updates soon!


“No binding” binding, and other stuff

Well hello there, and a very  belated 2013 post from me!

Many of you may know that we had some flooding in my studio (and home) last year due to adverse weather conditions, in fact, it was quite a lot of flooding!  After months and months and months of drying equipment, no floors, a horrible smell etc, I can confirm that we are on the road to having things “back to normal”.  There is still a bit of work to do, but it’s much improved and I am finally able to start working properly in my studio again.

I have quite a few exciting projects on the go, but this is the first to be finished.  I have been wanting to try this “no binding” binding method for a little while, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

On another note, I love that my quilts are so well-travelled, and so far they have been as far afield as Australia, Mauritius and Abu Dhabi to name just a few! The one I’m completing next will be winging it’s way to Monaco very soon, I only wish I was hand-delivering it!

Promise to blog more soon!


Nearly Christmas… how very exciting!

Hello all,

Well it’s nearly my favourite time of year again, and what a year 2012 has been for me!

Quilty pleasures Christmas treeI’ve done lots and lots of travelling both with my family and without, which started with an unforgettable trip to my beautiful South Africa in February, and a scorching summer holiday on the tiny island of Malta in September where my babies finally cracked swimming solo!

Quilty Pleasures on tourI was fortunate enough to be able to attend the amazing Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City in October, then had a business trip to Italy in November for my “other” job.  I even managed to squeeze in a sneaky 24hrs in magical Rome to do a spot of sightseeing too. Phew!

Mrs Quilty Pleasures in RomeRome 4

On top of all the travelling, I’ve had the opportunity to make some really special pieces this year, for some really special babies!

Quilty Pleasures Scottish Australian Fusion Quilt Leon Niamh's quilt

I was able to work with some gorgeous new fabrics, and I especially love the Christmassy ones, of which I can never have too many.  This year’s favourites for me have to be Joy by Kate Spain, and Oh Deer by Momo (not exactly Christmassy but the deers remind me of Christmas!) I made this gorgeous ipad cover using this fab tutorial!

Quilty pleaures ipad coverI am making my family Christmas quilt out of “Joy” this year… it may even be finished by Christmas who knows!

Quilty pleasures Christmas QuiltI wish all of my lovely readers a very Happy, healthy and family-filled Christmas, and thank you for your ongoing support over the year! Next year I hope for more comments on my website! 🙂


The Sewing Summit 2012

So I promised to blog a little bit about my first experience of The Sewing Summit last week in Salt Lake City … so here goes!

Mormon Temple Salt Lake City

After nearly 23 hours of travelling I finally arrived in Salt Lake City at around 10.30pm, and hopped in a cab to the hotel.  As I shamefully knew very little about this city, I wanted to make a point of getting to know some of it’s people, which started with my chatty cab driver. You may want to grab a cuppa tea at this point..

Turns out he is from Nepal, has been here since 1998, used to be married to a lady who turned out to have mental health issues, he married her not once but twice, but sadly the relationship just didn’t quite work out.  He has a number of hobbies which include ‘tayloring – just like you nice lady’, and turns out that back in Nepal he used to make nighties for his mum, underpants for his dad, and ladies tops and scarves, just for fun.  If you are anything like me you will be pretty impressed at this point, so do  read on… He is a converted Mormon, and loves to sing, but doesn’t do it professionally, and sadly our 12 minute commute from the airport just didn’t allow enough time for me to hear it for myself. What an absolute gem!

Wednesday was a very exciting day, I managed to russle up enough bravery to hire a car, and take a drive out of the city to a little town tucked away in the middle of the most beautiful mountains.

The Sewing Summit - hire car

I was fortunate enough to have the honour of meeting the very lovely ladies (and gents) at Riley Blake Designs, who just happen to produce all of my favourite fabrics.

Quilty Pleasures - Riley Blake Logo

Despite being in the throws of getting ready for Quilt Market, they were so friendly and welcoming, showed me around their beautiful offices, gave me a sneaky peak at their new catalogue and let me sit and drool over the gorgeous fabrics and notions they had lying around their studio.  Who knew it was possible to get the word “wow” into a conversation 4362 times in just half an hour!  Thank you all for taking time out of your very hectic schedule to allow one of my dreams to come to fruition!

Thursday brought with it a Shop Hop experience, and we were treated to a visit to three wonderful fabric stores, each offering a unique selection of fabricy lovliness.  Needless to say my luggage was quite a bit heavier on the way back as a result!

Quilty Pleasures fabric stash - The Sewing Summit

The actual Sewing Summit was so much more than I ever expected it to be.  The amazing people I met and the brilliant social side of it aside, I gained so much knowledge and creative inspiration from the teaching sessions, and have come home feeling exhilerated and ready to take on the world!  I really feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, and this is all thanks to the the truly inspirational teachers and speakers that were lined up for us by the amazing Erin who, along with her staff, did an amazing job of organising this spectacular event.

I’m off now to start saving for next year’s event!!

Happy  Friday,

Six more sleeps till The Sewing Summit

Hello all!

I hope the sun is shining for you today, it certainly is down our neck of the woods!

So, after months and months of planning and waiting, it really and truly is just six sleeps till I leave for Salt Lake City, and this year’s Sewing Summit.

This is an event I wanted to attend last year but sadly it wasn’t on the cards for me, so this year I’m really looking forward to soaking up all it has to offer.  We have some amazing teachers lined up, some really interesting keynote speakers, who I know will inspire us further in our individual creative journeys, and I’m super excited about having time to explore a city I’ve never visited, and shamefully know very little about. I’ve even been brave enough to hire a car and take a drive out to Snowbird.

As an online community we’ve been getting to know each other, chatting up a storm about the logistics of getting there, the amazing classes that are on offer this year, the fun-filled social events that have been arranged, and more to the point, where we can buy tons and tons of glorious fabric!

I am planning to blog whilst I am there, but not making any promises!

Happy Thursday,